Final Cut Pro shortcuts 2020 complete list for Mac + PDF

Final Cut Pro shortcuts 2020 complete list for Mac + PDF

Being a video editor in 2020 is about working fast and delivering valuable video content before it becomes irrelevant. If you want to work faster but also more efficiently you could start with memorizing the shortcuts of all the necessary actions you take inside your go-to software. Since you have come this far then you may have already realized that there are a lot of shortcuts available. To make it simpler for you, we collected all the shortcuts available and placed them inside this blog. 

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Command Shortcut
Hide Application Command-H
Hide Other Applications Option-Command-H
Keyboard Customization Option-Command-K
Minimize Command-M
Open Library Command-O
Preferences Command-Comma (,)
Quit Command-Q
Redo Change Shift-Command-Z
Undo Change Command-Z
Command Shortcut
Adjust Volume Absolute Control-Option-L
Adjust Volume Relative Control-L
Append to Storyline E
Audition: Add to Audition Control-Shift-Y
Audition: Duplicate as Audition Option-Y
Audition: Duplicate from Original Shift-Command-Y
Audition: Replace and Add to Audition Shift-Y
Blade Command-B
Blade All Shift-Command-B
Break Apart Clip Items Shift-Command-G
Change Duration Control-D
Connect Default Lower Third Control-Shift-T
Connect Default Title Control-T
Connect to Primary Storyline Q
Connect to Primary Storyline - Backtimed Shift-Q
Copy Command-C
Create Audition Command-Y
Create Storyline Command-G
Cut Command-X
Cut and Switch to Viewer Angle 1 1
Cut and Switch to Viewer Angle 2 2
Cut and Switch to Viewer Angle 3 3
Cut and Switch to Viewer Angle 4 4
Cut and Switch to Viewer Angle 5 5
Cut and Switch to Viewer Angle 6 6
Cut and Switch to Viewer Angle 7 7
Cut and Switch to Viewer Angle 8 8
Cut and Switch to Viewer Angle 9 9
Delete Delete
Delete Selection Only Option-Command-Delete
Deselect All Shift-Command-A
Duplicate Command-D
Enable/Disable Clip V
Expand Audio Control-S
Expand/Collapse Audio Components Control-Option-S
Extend Edit Shift-X
Extend Selection Down Shift-Down Arrow
Extend Selection to Next Clip Control-Command-Right-Arrow
Extend Selection Up Shift-Up Arrow
Finalize Audition Option-Shift-Y
Insert W
Insert/Connect Freeze Frame Option-F
Insert Gap Option-W
Insert Default Generator Option-Command-W
Lift from Storyline Option-Command-Up Arrow
Lower Volume 1 dB Control-Hyphen (-)
Move Playhead Position Control-P
New Compound Clip Option-G
Nudge Audio Subframe Left Option-Comma (,)
Nudge Audio Subframe Left Many Option-Shift-Comma (,)
Nudge Audio Subframe Right Option-Period (.)
Nudge Audio Subframe Right Many Option-Shift-Period (.)
Nudge Down Option-Down Arrow
Nudge Left Comma (,)
Nudge Left Many Shift-Comma (,)
Nudge Right Period (.)
Nudge Right Many Shift-Period (.)
Nudge Up Option-Up Arrow
Open Audition Y
Override Connections Grave Accent (`)
Overwrite D
Overwrite - Backtimed Shift-D
Overwrite to Primary Storyline Option-Command-Down Arrow
Paste as Connected Option-V
Paste Insert at Playhead Command-V
Previous Angle Control-Shift-Left Arrow
Previous Audio Angle Option-Shift-Left Arrow
Previous Pick Control-Left Arrow
Previous Video Angle Shift-Command-Left Arrow
Raise Volume 1 dB Control-Equal Sign (=)
Replace Shift-R
Replace from Start Option-R
Replace with Gap Shift-Delete
Select All Command-A
Select Clip C
Select Clip Above Command-Up Arrow
Select Clip Below Command-Down Arrow
Select Left Audio Edge Shift-Left Bracket ([)
Select Left Edge Left Bracket ([)
Select Left and Right Audio Edit Edges Shift-Backslash (\)
Select Left and Right Edit Edges Backslash (\)
Select Left and Right Video Edit Edges Control-Backslash (\)
Select Left Video Edge Control-Left Bracket ([)
Select Next Angle Control-Shift-Right Arrow
Select Next Audio Angle Option-Shift-Right Arrow
Select Next Clip Command-Right Arrow
Select Next Pick Control-Right Arrow
Select Next Video Angle Shift-Command-Right Arrow
Select Previous Clip Command-Left Arrow
Select Right Audio Edge Shift-Right Bracket (])
Select Right Edge Right Bracket (])
Select Right Video Edge Control-Right Bracket (])
Set Additional Selection End Shift-Command-O
Set Additional Selection Start Shift-Command-I
Show/Hide Precision Editor Control-E
Snapping N
Solo Option-S
Source Media: Audio & Video Shift-1
Source Media: Audio Only Shift-3
Source Media: Video Only Shift-2
Split Caption Control-Option-Command-C
Switch to Viewer Angle 1 Option-1
Switch to Viewer Angle 2 Option-2
Switch to Viewer Angle 3 Option-3
Switch to Viewer Angle 4 Option-4
Switch to Viewer Angle 5 Option-5
Switch to Viewer Angle 6 Option-6
Switch to Viewer Angle 7 Option-7
Switch to Viewer Angle 8 Option-8
Switch to Viewer Angle 9 Option-9
Toggle Storyline Mode G
Trim End Option-Right Bracket (])
Trim Start Option-Left Bracket ([)
Trim to Selection Option-Backslash (\)
Command Shortcut
Add Basic Lower Third Control-Shift-T
Add Basic Title Control-T
Add Default Audio Effect Option-Command-E
Add Default Transition Command-T
Add Default Video Effect Option-E
Color Board: Reset Current Board Controls Option-Delete
Color Board: Switch to the Color Pane Control-Command-C
Color Board: Switch to the Exposure Pane Control-Command-E
Color Board: Switch to the Saturation Pane Control-Command-S
Copy Effects Option-Command-C
Copy Keyframes Option-Shift-C
Cut Keyframes Option-Shift-X
Enable/Disable Balance Color Option-Command-B
Match Audio Shift-Command-M
Match Color Option-Command-M
Next Text Option-Tab
Paste Attributes Shift-Command-V
Paste Effects Option-Command-V
Paste Keyframes Option-Shift-V
Previous Text Option-Shift-Tab
Remove Attributes Shift-Command-X
Remove Effects Option-Command-X
Retime Editor Command-R
Retime: Create Normal Speed Segment Shift-N
Retime: Hold Shift-H
Retime: Reset Option-Command-R
Solo Animation Control-Shift-V
Command Shortcut
Delete Delete
Find Command-F
Go to Event Viewer Option-Command-3
Import Media Command-I
Library Properties Control-Command-J
Move to Trash Command-Delete
New Project Command-N
Project Properties Command-J
Render All Control-Shift-R
Render Selection Control-R
Reveal in Finder Shift-Command-R
Command Shortcut
Add Caption Option-C (or Control-Option-C if the caption editor is open)
Add Marker M
All Clips Control-C
Add Marker and Modify Option-M
Apply Keyword Tag 1 Control-1
Apply Keyword Tag 2 Control-2
Apply Keyword Tag 3 Control-3
Apply Keyword Tag 4 Control-4
Apply Keyword Tag 5 Control-5
Apply Keyword Tag 6 Control-6
Apply Keyword Tag 7 Control-7
Apply Keyword Tag 8 Control-8
Apply Keyword Tag 9 Control-9
Clear Selected Ranges Option-X
Clear Range End Option-O
Clear Range Start Option-I
Delete Marker Control-M
Delete Markers in Selection Control-Shift-M
Deselect All Shift-Command-A
Edit Caption Control-Shift-C
Favorite F
Favorites Control-F
Hide Rejected Control-H
New Keyword Collection Shift-Command-K
New Smart Collection Option-Command-N
Range Selection Tool R
Reject Delete
Rejected Control-Delete
Remove All Keywords From Selection Control-0
Roles: Apply Dialogue Role Control-Option-D
Roles: Apply Effects Role Control-Option-E
Roles: Apply Music Role Control-Option-M
Roles: Apply Titles Role Control-Option-T
Roles: Apply Video Role Control-Option-V
Select All Command-A
Select Clip Range X
Set Additional Range End Shift-Command-O
Set Additional Range Start Shift-Command-I
Set Range End O
Set Range End Control-O
Set Range Start I
Set Range Start Control-I
Unrate U
Command Shortcut
New Event Option-N
New Folder Shift-Command-N
Reveal in Browser Shift-F
Reveal Project in Browser Option-Shift-Command-F
Synchronize Clips Option-Command-G
Playback and navigation
Command Shortcut
Audio Skimming Shift-S
Audition: Preview Control-Command-Y
Clip Skimming Option-Command-S
Cut/Switch Multicam Audio Only Option-Shift-3
Cut/Switch Multicam Audio and Video Option-Shift-1
Cut/Switch Multicam Video Only Option-Shift-2
Down Down Arrow
Down Control-Down Arrow
Go Back 10 Frames Shift-Left Arrow
Go Forward 10 Frames Shift-Right Arrow
Go to Beginning Home key
Go to End End key
Go to Next Bank Option-Shift-Apostrophe (’)
Go to Next Edit Apostrophe (’)
Go to Next Field Option-Right Arrow
Go to Next Frame Right Arrow
Go to Next Subframe Option-Right Arrow
Go to Previous Bank Option-Shift-Semicolon (;)
Go to Previous Edit Semicolon (;)
Go to Previous Field Option-Left Arrow
Go to Previous Frame Left Arrow
Go to Previous Subframe Option-Left Arrow
Go to Range End Shift-O
Go to Range Start Shift-I
Look Clockwise Control-Option-Command-Right Bracket
Look Counterclockwise Control-Option-Command-Left Bracket
Look Down Control-Option-Command-Down Arrow
Look Left Control-Option-Command-Left Arrow
Look Right Control-Option-Command-Right Arrow
Look Up Control-Option-Command-Up Arrow
Loop Playback Command-L
Mirror VR Headset Control-Option-Command-9
Monitor Audio Shift-A
Negative Timecode Entry Hyphen (-)
Next Clip Control-Command-Right Arrow
Next Marker Control-Apostrophe (’)
Output to VR Headset Control-Option-Command-7
Play Around Shift-Question Mark (?)
Play Forward L
Play from Playhead Option-Space bar
Play Full Screen Shift-Command-F
Play Reverse J
Play Reverse Control-J
Play Reverse Shift-Space bar
Play Selection Slash (/)
Play to End Control-Shift-O
Play/Pause Space bar
Play/Pause Control-Space bar
Positive Timecode Entry Equal Sign (=)
Previous Clip Control-Command-Left Arrow
Previous Marker Control-Semicolon (;)
Set Monitoring Angle Shift-V
Skimming S
Start/Stop Voiceover Recording Option-Shift-A
Stop K
Stop Control-K
Timeline History Back Command-Left Bracket ([)
Timeline History Forward Command-Right Bracket (])
Up Up Arrow
Up Control-Up Arrow
Share and tools
Command Shortcut
Share to Default Destination Command-E
Select (Arrow) Tool A
Blade Tool B
Crop Tool Shift-C
Distort Tool Option-D
Hand Tool H
Position Tool P
Transform Tool Shift-T
Trim Tool T
Zoom Tool Z
Command Shortcut
Clip Appearance: Clip Labels Only Control-Option-6
Clip Appearance: Decrease Waveform Size Control-Option-Down Arrow
Clip Appearance: Filmstrips Only Control-Option-5
Clip Appearance: Increase Waveform Size Control-Option-Up Arrow
Clip Appearance: Large Filmstrips Control-Option-4
Clip Appearance: Large Waveforms Control-Option-2
Clip Appearance: Waveforms and Filmstrips Control-Option-3
Clip Appearance: Waveforms Only Control-Option-1
Decrease Clip Height Shift-Command-Hyphen (-)
Increase Clip Height Shift-Command-Equal Sign (=)
Show Fewer Filmstrip Frames Shift-Command-Comma (,)
Show/Hide Audio Animation Control-A
Show/Hide Skimmer Info Control-Y
Show/Hide Video Animation Control-V
Show More Filmstrip Frames Shift-Command-Period (.)
Show One Frame per Filmstrip Option-Shift-Command-Comma (,)
Toggle Filmstrip/List View Option-Command-2
View Clip Names Option-Shift-N
Zoom In Command-Plus Sign (+)
Zoom Out Command-Minus Sign (–)
Zoom to Fit Shift-Z
Zoom to Samples Control-Z
Command Shortcut
Background Tasks Command-9
Go to Audio Enhancements Command-8
Go to Color Board Command-6
Go to Browser Command-1
Go to Inspector Option-Command-4
Go to Timeline Command-2
Go to Viewer Command-3
Next Tab Control-Tab
Previous Tab Control-Shift-Tab
Record Voiceover Option-Command-8
Show Histogram Control-Command-H
Show Vectorscope Control-Command-V
Show Video Waveform Control-Command-W
Show/Hide Angles Shift-Command-7
Show/Hide Audio Meters Shift-Command-8
Show/Hide Browser Control-Command-1
Show/Hide Comparison Viewer Control-Command-6
Show/Hide Effects Browser Command-5
Show/Hide Event Viewer Control-Command-3
Show/Hide Inspector Command-4
Show/Hide Keyword Editor Command-K
Show/Hide Libraries Sidebar Command-1
Show/Hide Photos and Audio Sidebar Shift-Command-1
Show/Hide Sidebar Command-Grave Accent (`)
Show/Hide 360° Viewer Option-Command-7
Show/Hide Timeline Control-Command-2
Show/Hide Timeline Index Shift-Command-2
Show/Hide Titles and Generators Sidebar Option-Command-1
Show/Hide Video Scopes Command-7
Toggle Inspector Height Control-Command-4