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Frequently asked questions

Do you ship worldwide?

Dammmm yes for FREE!

Can I pay with IDEAL?

Yes you can! And you have many more payment options like Paypal and Creditcard.

Are the mousepads for Mac or Windows?

Good question! If the application runs on both, we offer 2 version. Check the product and select your version!

Will this help improving my workflow?

We never had a return, and we receive positive feedback weekly, also from professional producers. Why not giving it a try? We have a 100% refund policy, so no reason to not try!

What if I'm not happy with the product?

We never had a return claim, but if you'd like to return - no problem! Just send us the mousepad back, and you'll get a refund!

How can I track my order?

We keep shipping costs very low... This way we can offer free shipping. If we did not, it can cost up to €15 per order for shipping. So, we don't provide a track&trace but after handeling 100's of orders, this never caused problems.

New idea of a mousepad?

Want a new kind of mousepad for a new application? Just let us know!

How can they be handmade?

We invested in the hardware that is needed to print the mousepads. Each mousepad is printed, handled by hand to the heat press and packed. We don't buy them from a third party.


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